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Defending equal access to library services for all.


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Why #EmpoweringLibraries?

Borrowing digital books is a lifeline for people who cannot physically access a library. But a new lawsuit by four corporate publishers against the Internet Archive attempts to prevent libraries from lending digital versions of their books or digitizing their collections. The impact on our most vulnerable communities, as well as on our cultural heritage, would be severe. 

Join the #EmpoweringLibraries campaign to keep knowledge accessible to all. 

Andrea, New Jersey

“I am disabled and can’t easily visit the library… I’ve relied on digital lending for many years.”

Durgapur, India

“I live in a small city in India. I could never have afforded these books. Neither do we have such library facilities.”

Jessica, california

“So grateful that digital lending is there to help our kids stay connected to their schoolwork during COVID-19.”

What is controlled digital lending?

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#EmpoweringLibraries is a campaign by Internet Archive. Visit for more information.